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Tree Physiology and Forest Ecophysiology


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Bob Teskey
Distinguished Research Professor
(Our Fearless Leader)



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Mary Anne McGuire
Assistant Research Scientist
PhD 2009
Carbon dioxide in xylem of trees: sources and fates.



Doug Aubrey
Post-Doctoral Research Associate

PhD 2011


Stored carbon decouples soil CO2 efflux in chronically disturbed systems.
Research: Root-derived CO2 transport in trees; current photosynthate and non-structural carbohydrate controls on soil CO2 efflux.



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Yin Jingjing
PhD student
Research: Root ecophysiology



Cody Luedtke
PhD student
Research: Tree carbon relations with an emphasis on how trees store carbon in response to combinations of water and nutrient stress, severe perturbation and CO2 fertilization.
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Wang Ying (Maggie)
PhD student
Research: Forest productivity modeling and ecophysiology.



Miles Ingwers
PhD student




ESA 2009
Tim, Sofia, Mary Anne, Bob, Doug


Visiting Scientists

Former Students




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